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When one travels through nearly any community, he discovers, and observes, a number of empty stores, which, quite often, remain unoccupied, for lengthy periods of time. While there are a variety of reasons and causes, there can be little doubt, there is a cause, for concern, because of its impact and implications, on the overall economy. With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, and discuss, 7 possible reasons, for this, and, possibilities, suggestions, etc.
When leasing or buying commercial property, there is a great deal of things that you need to consider. This may determine how well your investment will be able to perform in future and so it should be done with the greatest care. You need to consider the property and this should include all improvements as well as land. You also need to consider the business component or lease. You should investigate and also analyze all the pros and cons of every component and how it will measure against the entire strategy of the investment.
The number one such cost is the brokerage you pay to the real estate agent or the brokerage firm. Brokerage is the fee charged by middleman or broker between the buyer and seller. This fee alone can significantly add up to the cost of buying your home and make you exceed your budget for buying a home, as most brokers charge a brokerage fee of 1% to 3% of the total sale price. And, when buying a home even 1% can mean a lot of money.
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