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Do you want to know what is going to give you the best return on your investment? A while back, I was asked to participate in a YouTube Live video with a close friend of mine. Matt is an extremely savvy business owner and financial coach. In the past, he would travel all over the US teaching people some unique strategies to reduce debt and increase cash flow. The travel, though, burned him out. He moved his education away from the stage and onto the greatest educational platform on the internet, YouTube. His channel has taken off, and he just reached 100K subscribers, and they are still coming. People like him because he is extremely smart, direct and honest.
When one travels through nearly any community, he discovers, and observes, a number of empty stores, which, quite often, remain unoccupied, for lengthy periods of time. While there are a variety of reasons and causes, there can be little doubt, there is a cause, for concern, because of its impact and implications, on the overall economy. With this in mind, this article will briefly examine, and discuss, 7 possible reasons, for this, and, possibilities, suggestions, etc.